Experience the Utopia uplift

Utopia offers a wide-range of treatments and services in it's state-of-the-art spa staffed by friendly, fully-qualified beauty professionals

Utopia Spa Treatments are individually tailored to suit you

Utopia offers all you'd expect from a modern health & beauty spa as well as some wonderful, specialist treatments - some unique to Southend.

Massage (inc. Hot Stones Massage)

Body Treatments (inc. Inch Loss and De-Tox Seaweed body wraps)

Hydro Jet Spa in warm effervescent water.


Eye Treatments


Hair Removal

Skin Bar (inc Face-Mapping Skin Analysist)




Champagne Nail Bar (inc. Bio-Sculpture Gel nails)

Exotic Rasaul Hamman Arabian Hot Mud Bath

Enter the exotic Arabian-styled, herbal steam-temple and take part in a traditional Arabian cleansing ritual under a canopy of golden stars. Hamman was known historically, in Arabic, as 'The Silent Doctor', a place of cleansing and healing for both body and soul. Variously coloured medicinal Charka muds are applied expertly to specific areas of the body, whilst you inhale the harbally-infused steam. Perfect for two!


 Whatever treatment you choose, it's always a champagne experience at Utopia.