A warm welcome and beautiful welcome!
The place to be, unwind, de-stress, relax and indulge yourself


Whether you just have a moment in your lunch hour to maintain your manicure, an hour to de-stress or maybe an afternoon to completely unwind and relax, Utopia Beauty & Spa in Westcliff now provides the perfect environment where you can immerse yourself in relaxed, stylish surroundings and indulge in a little spa therapy. Located right across from Westcliff's, iconic Cliffs Pavilion theatre (with its plentiful parking!), Utopia's custom-built, contemporary spa waits to welcome you.


Convenient, local - and luxurious

Utopia provides luxury treatment-rooms and pampering therapies, as well as those everyday 'must haves' such as manicures, pedicures and St. Tropez tanning treatments. Additionally you can take a little home-spa pampering home with a range of luxurious spa products and a wide range of beauty products from top-quality beauty companies.